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Bailey’s Skin Rescue -- Mother Nature knows best



Bailey's Skin Rescue is a special combination of tea tree, lavender essential oils and acidophilus in a botanical cream base which also includes soybean sterols, sunflower seed oil, oat kernel flour, vitamin E, vitamin A, lecithin, keratin and collagen amino acids .


Tea tree and lavender essential oils are said to have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties . The acidophilus provides friendly normal bacteria at the skin’s surface to assist as well, and the special cream base keeps the skin supple and helps with cutaneous delivery of the essential oils.




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I have been using Baileys Skin Rescue for many years on my collies whenever they get any kind of skin irritation. I had two of them come down with a severe reaction to something in the yard last year, they lost all the hair and were oozing sores on the inside of the rear legs.  Along with a special wash and Baileys Skin Rescue, it was cleared up in a few days and the hair grew back quickly. I have great praise for this salve, and would not be without it.  



Nancy Weaver - Trainer/Instructor




Bailey's Skin Rescue is great, My dog's skin has cleared up and she has stopped digging. I have a cousin whose dog was diagnosed with skin allergies, so I told her about your stuff, she used it and can't believe the results. Her dog is all but healed. She was the same as I was with trying to figure out what was causing this rash. Vet bills were out of this world. So I will share what I have with her and get her some when I place my next order.







‘Horse People Need to Know About Bailey’s Skin Rescue !’

Henry is a rescued Newfoundland Pony who arrived here, with hairless patches and various flesh wounds. I started using Bailey’s Skin Rescue on him and in 3 days the hair was growing in on his bare patches. His flesh wounds healed beautifully, quickly and without infection, and , as he was in an outside pasture..the flies stayed away as well.

Bailey’s Skin Rescue is, by far, the best topical cream I have ever tried. Henry and I thank-you!


Donna Peck and Henry

Upper Granville, N.S.




I used some Bailey's Skin Rescue the other day on my dog...she had a little tummy rash that she had been worrying...cleared right up !!!! I will definately contact you for more when this runs out !!!






Dear Jory- I am sending you a photo of my beautiful King Charles Cavilier, he had terrible bumps on his nose for about one year. I had taken him to at least three Vets and neither one of them could tell me what it was or as to why they showed up on his little nose.  


I bought your cream on Tuesday March 10th from Bowlbys  at 2pm and put a little on his nose and within three hours most of the bumps were gone So I put a little more on at bedtime and this morning his nose is just about normal and we are soooo happy that I couldn't wait to tell you.


He now has his lovely looks back and he didn't mind me applying to his nose.  Can you believe the difference so quickly. 

I thank you so much.



Margaret Ellis




I LOVE Bailey's Skin Rescue ...My dog  had a small hot spot last week and its all but GONE now because of this stuff!






  I am thrilled with the results I am  getting with my GSD (dog) ... he had been having a lot of staph infections....this Bailey's Skin Rescue is working great !






I can also attest to the fact that Bailey's Skin Rescue really works!  I used it on Bailey's sister, Brie for a skin irritation and infection and it cleared up quickly and no more bald spots.


Ruth (Bailey's breeder, Steinplatz Rottweilers)




When I had my dog, Neely, spayed, I had her tattooed as well.  Her belly was so red and very raw from being shaved for surgery and at the tattoo and incision sites. So before tucking her in that night I applied some BSR to the tattoo and all around her belly and incision.  The next day, the tattoo site and her belly were just about back to normal color.   I continued applying the BSR to her entire abdominal area twice a day and by day four, her incision, her tattoo and her sore shaved belly were a beautiful, healthy pink.  No more reddened skin due to the shaving, no red soreness around the tattoo site or her incision, which was healing nicely.  It never dried out so she never had a problem with it itching or pulling as it healed.  And, to be honest, when I was applying Bailey's Skin Rescue, Neely would just lay back and fall asleep.     


 Another one of my critters -- my little cat, Ivy Rose -- was having some trouble with her anal glands.  She had licked herself bald beneath her tail and around her anus and just was at herself constantly, as well as in and out of the litter box.  There was a rather hefty fishy odor so I knew it was her anal glands.  I applied Bailey's Skin Rescue two to three times a day for about a week and … presto! … she seemed so much more comfortable and I could see she had been leaving herself alone enough for the fur to begin growing back and she had stopped her constant trips to the litter box. 


I can't say enough about Bailey's Skin Rescue and always make sure to have enough on hand for any and all skin complaints concerning my five critter-babies … as well as for myself, 'cause it works on skin problems we humans may be suffering from, too. 


Thank you for a truly wonderful product,





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