Bailey LOVES kids - here she is visiting a special needs class at our local elementary school.

Bailey is always a big hit at Berwick's Gala  Days Parade


Just like us, dogs reflect their diet in their overall physical health as well as their mental well being. I see a lot of improvements  in both areas when diets are made optimal. I am an advocate of home cooking. If you are looking for an alternative to commercial kibble, I can help you with information and guidance along with herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies for common ailments.


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Dog owners should have regular check-ups, for your dog,  by your veteranian.


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Hi ... My name is Karlee.  I am an 11 year old diabetic Yorkie. My Mommy always bought me the very best, doctor recommended, dog food and anytime I had "people food" it was of the healthy variety.  But I kept getting sicker and sicker. The doctor put me on prescriptions and changed my food to other brands but it never helped.  I was really sick.


Last October, Mommy told Jory about me and asked for advice.  Well, that was the biggest, best day in my life.  Jory recommended I be taken off dogfood entirely, gave Mommy recipies for meals and treats, told her what people food NOT to feed me and gave suggestions for replacements and now I am a healthy happy little dog.  I love my new diet.  I have lots of energy to play.  I haven't been sick since Jory told Mommy what to do.  I would have to say that she is the smartest, best friend (next to Mommy) that a dog could have.


Karlee Dream Bebe Giffin




Congratulations and best wishes on your new Website!  I hope your readers will experience the knowledge and care that you offer.  Your expertise in the nutrition field has, fortunately for my little Yorkie, Karlee, given her a new lease on life. When I have any of question regarding pet health, I talk to Jory first. Best wishes for the future. 


Janet Giffin